Sports Performance

Here at Maldon Chiropractic we know what it’s like to love your sport: you do not want anything to hamper your performance.

Whether your sport is rugby or ballet, running or water aerobics, it is important to feel good and be in optimum condition.

Problems with performance

You are training hard in your chosen sport, going from strength to strength, improving all the time, and then suddenly you seem to reach a threshold of ability. No matter how hard you work or how much training you put it, you cannot improve any further.

It is time for you to see a chiropractor!

We can work with you to enhance your sport performance by improving the mechanics of your muscles and joints and the nerves supplying them. Many sportspeople see significant improvements in performance after consulting a chiropractor – in fact, a lot of top sport teams and people now travel with a chiropractor!

Here at Maldon, a member of our chiropractic team will discuss with you your sporting life, medical history, posture and lifestyle before carrying out a full examination to discover the cause of your poor performance. We will make a diagnosis and then your treatment will begin. Using gentle and specific adjustments we will work to restore normal function to your joints, muscles and nervous system to increase your control, co-ordination and muscle strength.