Your health influences everyone you love. That is why the team at Maldon Chiropractic are dedicated to helping your whole family achieve a high level of health and wellbeing. After all, a healthy family is a happy family!

Where you may feel uncomfortable about drug based medical treatment, chiropractic is a safe, gentle and natural alternative to help your little ones back to health. However, if we feel a condition is serious and requires medical help, we are primary contact health professionals and can help you decide on an appropriate course of action and refer you on to the relevant facility.

We have examined, diagnosed and treated a whole range of patients. Whether our patients are tiny, small, medium or big, we are proficient in adapting our chiropractic techniques accordingly.


“Running before they can walk”, is an adept phrase that springs to mind here. Any parent with a toddler knows that they rarely stay on their feet. It is a stage in life when they are getting their balance and learning to walk for the first time. Consequently, it is very important for toddlers to have correct spinal alignment in order to start them off on the right foot and to avoid problems in the future.

Daily bumps and falls may cause tension, which is why it can be important for them to receive regular chiropractic adjustments.



Your child’s health is their greatest asset. You feed them lots of fruit and veg, take them to the dentist regularly and encourage them to run around in the fresh air – why not take them to the chiropractor too?

The central nervous system

A healthy spine and nervous system are important when it comes to your child’s capacity for learning. The central nervous system is key to absorbing information and new skills. Whether at school or at home, children are happiest when active. If they experience a bump or a fall it could cause restrictions through their spine, which in turn can disrupt the information highway of the central nervous system. Here at Maldon Chiropractic we want to keep your child’s spine in top condition to help them reach top of their class.

Watch their backs

Almost everyday at school, children have to lug around a bagful of books. This daily strain might not cause obvious pain, but eventually it can lead to spinal misalignment and postural problems, particularly if the schoolbag is not comfortably and correctly carried.

We can straighten your child out using gently adjustments. We can also advise you on the best ways to look after their spine. We recommend they carry their books in a rucksack with straps over both shoulders and adjusted so that the bag is held close to their back. Soft-soled and supportive shoes with a good grip on the ground can also help with carrying a heavy bag.


The teen years are a period of intense physical, emotional and intellectual growth – it’s no wonder that it can be a stressful time! Chiropractic treatment is a natural and effective way of easing some of the stresses teenager’s bodies are undergoing and helping them to grow into the distinct individuals that they are on their way to becoming.

Alongside the freedom that comes with being a teenager are a lot of less fun changes. Pressure to do well at school, long hours of exam preparation and extended use of computers and electronic devices heightens stress levels and places strain on their bodies. Add this to a more sedentary lifestyle than that of their childhood and the result is health problems that can be carried through to adult life.


As your child gets older, their sports and hobbies can become more intense and competitive. It’s bye bye tag rugby, hello full contact; farewell to climbing trees, welcome weight lifting. This can result in potential adult injuries, which your teenager’s body might not have the strength to cope with while it is still growing. This can have a huge impact on their development and ongoing health.

How Chiropractic can help your Teenager

The spine protects a vital part of your body – the central nervous system. The spine and nervous system need to be functioning efficiently so that information to the rest of your body can flow freely. Poor posture, stress, injuries and prolonged use of electronic devices are each responsible for disrupting the functioning of the nervous system. We can help by ensuring your teenager’s spine is correctly aligned, working to increase their body’s ability to self heal and reduce the risk of any problems carrying into adult life.