Your 1st Visit


Your first visit will take approximately an hour. Our highly trained clinicians will always ensure you have the adequate time to go through all the stages needed for your consultation.


One of our chiropractors will start by asking you questions about your complaint and any other problems that might be concerning you. We will also take a detailed past medical history which will enable to gain an overall view on your general health and well being, as well as giving us possible insight into any other issues that may arise. At this stage, if Chiropractic care is not indicated for you then you will be immediately referred to your GP or a relevant specialist.


A comprehensive and thorough Orthopaedic and Neurological examination will be done to find the underlying cause of your problem. These findings, together with the history, will allow us to formulate a diagnosis.

If at this stage any further examination is required (X-rays, MRI’s, Ultrasound or other) you will undergo an immediate referral to the relevant specialist.

Report of Findings

During your report of findings your Chiropractor will carefully and thoroughly explain your diagnosis and what it means for you. They will then provide you with your management plan with all their recommendations to address your complaint, decrease pain, achieve optimal health and prevent reoccurrence.

In your Report of Findings we will discuss:

  • What we found during your examination using models and diagrams
  • Our recommendation for a care plan and reasoning for these recommendations
  • If taken, we will go through any X-rays or further imaging
  • The options and choices you have
  • Advice on self-help and continued maintenance of your new found health

During your Report Of Findings you will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you need to. We encourage questions as we strongly feel that the more knowledge you have the faster you can get better.

If you wish to have a loved one or friend sit in with you during your report this is not a problem either, in fact, we think sometimes an extra ear can be very helpful and we will always make provisions for any extras.


Once you are happy with everything we have discussed you are ready for your first Chiropractic Adjustment. This will start the process of correcting the underlying cause of your problem

Subsequent visits

Our Chiropractors will use their vast experience and expertise to ensure each treatment session is tailored to your needs, making sure you get the best results possible every time. We use a number of highly effective approaches and techniques to help us achieve this:

  • Diversified technique – A gentle and specific Chiropractic adjustment is delivered to the problematic area to improve biomechanics and reduce local inflammation and pain. The energy delivered during a thrust may produce a slight “popping” sensation but is usually painless and often provides instant relief.
  • SOT technique – A technique to normalise the relationship between the pelvis and the head. An incredibly gentle technique using gravity and your body to make necessary corrections.
  • Dry Needling
  • Massage (see massage)
  • Soft Tissue work, including Graston and Active release techniques
  • Kinetic / Sports taping (Rocktape)
  • Ergonomic and Postural advice
  • Corrective exercise
  • Lifestyle Hacks to keep you feeling great!


Your Massage therapist will run through an in depth history to ascertain the causation of your complaint. They will ensure you have no contraindications and that the massage techniques used are right for you. Depending on your presentation your therapist will alter the forces and pressure used to ensure there is no pain and you are comfortable throughout.

“One of the best things about Maldon Chiropractic is the team dynamic between the Chiropractors and the Massage therapists. They will discuss the clinical aspects of your case to see if they can utilise each other’s skills to further better your improvement. This partnership works fantastically well, allows the team to look after all aspects of your case. Here at Maldon Chiropractic we like to treat the body as a whole, not just look at the individual sections that may be causing pain”

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