Research & Philosophy

Chiropractic Philosophy

Chiropractic is the understanding that the human body should naturally be at an optimum state of health. A lack of health and vitality is an abnormal state of being. Chiropractors work with this approach by detecting imbalances, determining their cause, correcting such imbalances and then working to prevent their reoccurrence.


In a broad sense, chiropractic can be traced back to Ancient Greek and Chinese civilizations, whose written records refer to spinal manipulations.

We imagine that these ancient peoples’ treatment ideas differ somewhat to the gentle and safe manipulations carried out by chiropractors today…

However, even now the world of chiropractic is constantly evolving. Influential research is key to the development and growth of the profession. At Maldon Chiropractic we like to keep track of any new research so we can continue to provide you with a first class quality of care.

If you would like to be enlightened about any new developments, please feel free to get in touch or talk to one of our chiropractors during your next visit. we can then point you in the right direction to the current research taking place.